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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Things To Do in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia | November 4, 2023

Negeri Sembilan, with its centuries-old Minangkabau culture is one of the best travel destinations in Malaysia. In this article, we will discover the best things to do in Negeri Sembilan from various aspects which are food, culture, nature, adventure and accommodations.

Minangkabau House in Negeri Sembilan

Food: Embark on a Culinary Journey!

One of the best things to do in Negeri Sembilan is venturing into the food haven and try the different kinds of food there. Masak Lemak Cili Api, a spicy coconut milk-based dish, offers an explosion of flavors. Rendang Minang, a rich, tender beef dish cooked in coconut milk and a medley of spices, is an absolute must-try. The tangy, sweet, and sour Sambal Tempoyak Daun Kayu is an addictive delight, while the sweet treats Kuih Sopang and Kuih Apam Johol offer a soothing end to your meal. For durian lovers, the Haw Kee Durian Orchard is an essential pit-stop, where you can indulge in the king of fruits in all its glory.

Culture: Immerse Yourself in Rich History

Negeri Sembilan’s cultural attractions are unquestionably among the finest things to do in this Malaysian gem. The solemn Sungai Lui War Memorial pays homage to the heroes of the past. In Sri Menanti, the royal capital, you can marvel at the intricately carved Minangkabau architecture. The historical lighthouse at Cape Rachado in Port Dickson and the immersive Seremban Cultural Complex offer enriching insights into the area’s history. And the awe-inspiring Sri Sendayan Mosque stands as a magnificent testament to Islamic architecture.

Sri Sendayan Mosque in Negeri Sembilan
Sri Sendayan Mosque in Negeri Sembilan

Nature: A Serene Retreat for the Soul

Another best things to do in Negeri Sembilan is by exploring the nature. Witness the fascinating world of aquatic life at the Ornamental Fish Centre in Port Dickson. The calm, serene ambience of Jempol Lake Garden offers a perfect getaway. The Jeram Toi Waterfall in Jelebu provides a picturesque spot for a refreshing dip, and the verdant Ulu Bendul Recreational Park in Kuala Pilah is an explorer’s delight. Lastly, catch an unforgettable sunrise or sunset at Bukit Taisho Bahau.

Outdoor Adventure: Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

For those seeking thrills, Negeri Sembilan doesn’t disappoint. From navigating through the challenging PD Maze to trekking up the slopes of the Gunung Datuk Recreational Forest, your adventure appetite will be well sated. Taman Negeri Kenaboi offers a thrilling experience with activities like rock climbing and abseiling, while the P.D. Ostrich Show Farm allows for close encounters with exotic birds. If you are into jet skiing or thrilling water sports, Port Dickson Beach is the right choice. Lastly, spelunking in Gua Batu Maloi is sure to give adrenaline junkies a run for their money.

Accommodations: A Cozy Nest for Every Traveler

Negeri Sembilan offers a wide range of accommodations for tourist to unwind and relax. From luxury resorts like Tasik Villa International Resort, Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, Grand Lexis Port Dickson, Lexis Port Dickson and Royale Chulan Seremban offering unparalleled views and world-class services, to budget-friendly options like Maya Apartment Bay View Villas and Glory Beach Resort that provide comfort without breaking the bank, there’s a place for everyone.

Lexis Hibiscus hotel rooms in Negeri Sembilan
Lexis Hibiscus hotel rooms in Negeri Sembilan

A visit to Negeri Sembilan offers an enriching and unforgettable experience for every traveler. The blend of captivating culture, scenic beauty, adrenaline-pumping adventures, and warm hospitality makes it a must-visit destination in Malaysia. Whether you’re seeking a taste of unique cuisines, the thrill of exploration, a brush with history, or a quiet retreat, Negeri Sembilan promises you an unforgettable journey.

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