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Sekayu Recreational Forest in Terengganu: 4 Best Experiences in Nature’s Hidden Gem | July 9, 2024

Opening Hours

  • Open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm

Entrance Fee

  • Adult: RM 2.00
  • Child: RM 1.00 (5 to 12 years old)

Telephone No.

  • 09-627 4120 / 4125

Parking Tips

  • Ample parking space available.

About Sekayu Recreational Forest in Terengganu

Sekayu Recreational Forest is a hidden gem located in the state of Terengganu, Malaysia. It is a popular destination in Malaysia for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a peaceful and serene environment to relax and unwind. With its lush greenery, crystal-clear rivers, and diverse wildlife, this beautiful forest offers a wide range of activities and facilities that cater to both individuals and families, making it an ideal place for a day trip or a weekend getaway.

Sekayu Recreational Forest Terengganu. Photo credited to
Sekayu Recreational Forest Terengganu. Photo credited to

In this article, we will explore the beauty of Sekayu Recreational Forest in Terengganu, highlighting its location, activities, facilities, and providing some useful tips for visiting. So, let’s embark on a journey to discover the wonders of this natural paradise.


  • Address: Hutan Lipur Sekayu, Kuala Berang, 21700 Kuala Berang, Terengganu

Sekayu Recreational Forest is located in Terengganu, a state on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is situated in the district of Hulu Terengganu, approximately 50 kilometers from the state capital, Kuala Terengganu. The forest is nestled within the lush greenery of the tropical rainforest, offering visitors a serene and tranquil environment to explore. The exact coordinates of Sekayu Recreational Forest are 5.3036° N latitude and 103.0147° E longitude. It covers an area of about 1,500 hectares, making it one of the largest recreational forests in Terengganu.

How To Get There

The forest is easily accessible by road, with well-maintained routes leading to its entrance. Visitors can reach the forest by car or public transportation, and ample parking spaces are available for those who choose to drive.

4 Best Experiences in Sekayu Recreational Forest

Swimming and Picnicking amidst the Beautiful Sekayu Waterfall

One of the main attractions of Sekayu Recreational Forest is its beautiful waterfall. Sekayu waterfall is a popular spot for swimming and picnicking, especially during the hot summer months. The crystal-clear water cascades down the rocks, creating a refreshing and picturesque setting. Visitors can take a dip in the cool water or simply relax by the waterfall and enjoy the peaceful surroundings.


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Sekayu Waterfalls. (Video credited to TikTok @wafaaaaas).

Hiking Activities

For those who prefer a more adventurous experience, Sekayu Recreational Forest has several hiking trails that lead to stunning viewpoints and hidden gems. The trails vary in difficulty, catering to both beginners and experienced hikers. Along the way, you can admire the lush greenery, spot wildlife, and discover the natural beauty of the forest.


If you are a bird enthusiast, Sekayu Recreational Forest is a paradise for bird watching. The forest is home to a diverse range of bird species, including hornbills, kingfishers, and sunbirds. You can bring your binoculars and spend hours observing these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

Other Activities : Camping, Fishing, Jungle Trekking

In addition to hiking and bird watching, Sekayu Recreational Forest also offers activities such as camping, fishing, and jungle trekking. Camping facilities are available for those who wish to spend the night in the forest and immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature. Fishing enthusiasts can try their luck at the river, which is known for its abundance of fish. Jungle trekking in Sekayu offers a thrilling way to explore the forest, guided by experienced leaders, where you can encounter an abundance of Dipterocarp species such as Meranti, Damar Hitam (Shorea species), and Keruing (Dipterocarpus species).


Picnic Facilities

One of the main facilities available is the picnic area, where visitors can relax and have a meal amidst the beautiful surroundings. The picnic area is equipped with tables and benches, making it a perfect spot for families and friends to gather and enjoy a picnic together.

Camping Facilities

In addition to the picnic area, Sekayu Recreational Forest also provides camping facilities for those who wish to spend the night in the forest. There are designated camping sites with basic amenities such as toilets, showers and changing rooms. However, recently the women’s toilet are broken, hence only the men’s toilet can be used.

Jungle Trekking Trails and Resting Huts

For those who prefer a more adventurous experience, Sekayu Recreational Forest offers jungle trekking trails. These well-maintained trails provide an opportunity for visitors to explore the diverse flora and fauna of the forest. Along the trails, there are rest huts where visitors can take a break and enjoy the scenic views.

Visitor Centre

Furthermore, the recreational forest has a visitor center where visitors can obtain information about the forest and its attractions. The visitor center also provides educational displays and exhibits to enhance visitors’ understanding of the forest ecosystem. It is a great place to learn more about the flora and fauna that can be found in Sekayu Recreational Forest.

Signage and Safety Measures

To ensure the safety of visitors, Sekayu Recreational Forest is equipped with proper signage and safety measures. There are signboards along the trails to guide visitors and provide information about the different routes. Additionally, there are trained staff members who patrol the forest to ensure the well-being of visitors and to provide assistance if needed.

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Tips for Visiting

Plan your Visit in Advance

Before heading to Sekayu Recreational Forest, it is advisable to plan your visit in advance. Check the weather forecast, opening hours, and any special events or activities that may be taking place during your visit. This will help you make the most of your time there.

Wear Appropriate Clothing and Footwear

As Sekayu Recreational Forest is a natural area with trails and waterfalls, it is important to wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Opt for lightweight and breathable clothing that will keep you cool in the tropical climate. Also, wear sturdy and non-slip footwear to navigate the trails safely.

Bring Insect Repellent and Sunscreen

Being in a forested area, you may encounter insects and mosquitoes. To protect yourself from insect bites, it is recommended to bring insect repellent and apply it before entering the forest. Additionally, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Pack Snacks and Water

While there are facilities available at Sekayu Recreational Forest, it is always a good idea to pack some snacks and water for your visit. This will ensure that you have something to eat and drink during your exploration of the forest.

Respect the Environment

When visiting Sekayu Recreational Forest, it is important to respect the environment and follow any rules or regulations set by the authorities. Avoid littering and dispose of your trash properly. Also, refrain from damaging or removing any plants or wildlife you may encounter.

Be Cautious Around Waterfalls

Sekayu Recreational Forest is known for its beautiful waterfalls, but it is important to exercise caution when carrying out outdoor activities in the water. The area is monitored by guards who will sound sirens to alert if there are changes in water levels, however, it is important to pay attention to any safety signs or warnings and avoid swimming in areas where it is prohibited or dangerous.

Kepala air (‘head of the water’ or ‘water column’) in Sekayu Waterfalls. Everyone must exercise cautions when visiting this Recreational Forest. (Video credited to TikTok @dapomekkrah98).

Follow Safety Guidelines

To ensure a safe visit, it is recommended to follow the safety guidelines provided by the park authorities. This may include staying on designated trails, avoiding steep or slippery areas, and keeping a safe distance from wildlife.

Enjoy the Experience

Lastly, remember to enjoy the experience of visiting Sekayu Recreational Forest. Take your time to appreciate the natural beauty, listen to the sounds of the forest, and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the surroundings. Capture memories through photographs but also take moments to simply be present in the moment.


Sekayu Recreational Forest in Terengganu is one of the hidden gems in Terengganu that offers a unique and refreshing experience for nature lovers and adventure seekers. With its lush greenery, crystal clear rivers, and diverse wildlife, it provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. So, plan your trip to Sekayu Recreational Forest and get ready for an unforgettable experience in the heart of Terengganu.

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