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Some of the most exquisite adventures of life are nestled within the textures, tastes, and tales of food. As one such explorer, I recently found myself stepping into the realm of MYKori Dessert Cafe, one of the best dessert haven in Cyberjaya recognized for its dazzling array of desserts. A tale of sweet indulgence unfurled within its cozy walls, leaving me overwhelmed with a feeling of sugary delight and a taste that still lingers. Let’s dive into the journey that was this experience.

Overall Reviews of MyKori Dessert Cafe

A Welcoming Embrace

Situated amidst the city’s hustle, MYKori Dessert Cafe’s exterior was a breath of fresh air, giving out a warmth of an old friend’s welcoming embrace. As I entered, the soft lighting, wood-centric decor, and the cozy seating arrangements made for a tranquil, home-like setting. The lively murmur of customers enjoying their sweet treats resonated well with the quaint and calming atmosphere.

A Memorable Service

No culinary experience is complete without commendable service. The staff at MYKori Dessert Cafe were attentive, friendly, and keen to make suggestions. They took the time to explain each dessert’s components and were prompt in their service, adding to the overall delightful experience.

Menus in MyKori Dessert Cafe

The vast selection of MYKori’s menu had me in awe. A delightful feast for both eyes and stomach, the choices ranged from classic Japanese Kakigōri (shaved ice dessert), Hong Kong egg waffles, to a variety of local Malaysian delights. Each item was beautifully photographed and described in the menu, guiding us sweet-toothed explorers through their dessert landscape. In this article, we will review the Top 3 Signature Kakigoris in MyKori Dessert Cafe.

Signature Kakigori Reviews by

Bestsellers Review #1 : Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori

Mykori Dessert Café, celebrated for its innovative dessert offerings, has masterfully reinvented a classic with its Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori. This Japanese-inspired shaved ice dessert finds its muse in the rich and velvety layers of the traditional Italian tiramisu. Light, fluffy mounds of finely shaved ice serve as the canvas, infused with deep cocoa notes and interspersed with delicate layers of mascarpone cream.

The bitter hint of coffee and a sprinkle of cocoa powder create a harmony reminiscent of the tiramisu’s iconic flavor. In its entirety, the dessert offers a symphony of contrasting textures and flavors, marrying the frosty crispness of kakigori with the creamy opulence of tiramisu. A visit to Mykori Dessert Café is incomplete without indulging in this contemporary masterpiece.

Pouring the cocoa sauce on top of the shaved ice of Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori in MyKori Dessert Cafe
Pouring the cocoa sauce on top of the shaved ice

Bestsellers Review #2 :

Red Melon Kakigori is a vivid portrayal of summertime bliss, with the radiant hue of ripe red melon transformed into delicate, icy layers of shaved ice. The essence of juicy melon infuses every bite, transporting one’s palate to a refreshing oasis. Complementing the ice is a heart of luscious melon chunks, ensuring an authentic fruit experience.

Visitors can experience pouring the condensed milk syrup on top of Red Melon Kakigori by themselves

Garnished with a touch of condensed milk or syrup, the dessert strikes a perfect balance between sweet and refreshing. The Red Melon Kakigori at Mykori Dessert Café is more than just a dessert; it’s a delightful escapade into the refreshing world of Japanese-inspired indulgence.

Watch us savouring the Chocolate Tiramisu Kakigori and Red Melon Kakigori shown in the video below!

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Bestsellers Review #3 : Matcha Latte Kakigori

Being a fan of Japanese sweets, I couldn’t resist ordering a serving of their signature Matcha Kakigōri. Awaiting its arrival, I could feel a sense of anticipation building within me. As the towering dessert made its way to my table, it was an absolute spectacle — the heaping mound of snow-like shaved ice was adorned with a glossy coating of matcha syrup, accompanied by a scoop of creamy matcha ice cream, and crowned with a sprinkle of vibrant matcha powder.

One of the best sellers is Matcha Latte Kakigori. Source of photo is from

The first spoonful was a carnival of contrasts. The icy cold shaved ice melted in the mouth, offsetting the bitter-sweet, deeply umami matcha that has a certain earthiness to it. The richness of the matcha ice cream added an indulgent depth to each bite. The harmony of textures and tastes in this Kakigōri was pure poetry.

A Fond Farewell

As I stepped out of MYKori Dessert Cafe, I carried with me a lingering taste of sweet satisfaction, memories of delightful dessert escapades, and a promise to return. In a world full of desserts, MYKori offers not just a sweet treat but an experience — a journey through a culture, an adventure in flavors and an indulgence that begs to be savored.

In the end, MYKori Dessert Cafe is not just about desserts; it’s a haven for those seeking to experience an array of flavors and cultures presented in the form of delectable sweets. It’s a tale of the universal language of food, told through a symphony of flavors, echoing in each spoonful of dessert. It’s an experience, I’d say, that is well worth surrendering your sweet tooth to.

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