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Overview of Jollibee Malaysia

Jollibee, the beloved fast food chain from the Philippines, has made its way to Malaysia, bringing with it a taste of Filipino cuisine and a unique dining experience. With its vibrant atmosphere, friendly staff, and mouthwatering menu, Jollibee has quickly become a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Jollibee Malaysia logo. Photo credited to
Jollibee Malaysia logo. Photo credited to

In this article, we will take a closer look at the history of Jollibee, the menu and food offerings, the ambiance and customer experience, as well as provide detailed reviews of their famous burgers and other delectable dishes. Whether you’re a fan of fast food or simply curious about trying something new, this review will give you a comprehensive overview of what Jollibee has to offer in Malaysia.

History of Jollibee

Jollibee was founded in 1975 by Tony Tan Caktiong, a Filipino-Chinese entrepreneur. It all started as a two-branch ice cream parlor in Manila, Philippines. However, when the food items became more popular than ice cream, the family decided to convert the ice cream parlor into a fast food restaurant. This marked the beginning of Jollibee’s journey as a fast food chain.

Over the years, Jollibee expanded its menu and offerings, becoming a beloved brand in the Philippines and beyond. Today, Jollibee is known as the ‘McDonald’s of the Philippines’ and has a strong presence in various countries, including Malaysia.

Jollibee most popular menus are the chickenjoy, yumburger, spaghetti and many more. Photo credited to
Jollibee most popular menus are the chickenjoy, yumburger, spaghetti and many more. Photo credited to

Review #1 : Various Kinds of Menu and Food Offerings Available!

Jollibee offers a wide range of menu options that cater to different tastes and preferences. From their famous Chickenjoy to their flavorful burgers and delicious desserts, there is something for everyone at Jollibee.

One of the most popular items in Jollibee Malaysia is the Chickenjoy. This crispy fried chicken is a crowd favorite, known for its juicy meat and flavorful coating. It is often served with a side of rice and gravy, creating a perfect combination of flavors.

Another must-try item at Jollibee is the Yumburger. This classic burger features a thin patty with a unique onion and MSG-type flavor. It may sound unusual, but it is surprisingly delicious and has become a signature item at Jollibee.

For those who prefer noodles, Jollibee offers a variety of options such as the Fiesta Noodles. This dish is packed with flavors and ingredients, including vegetables, meat, and a savory sauce. It is a satisfying and filling choice for noodle lovers.

n addition to their main dishes, Jollibee also offers a range of sides and desserts. Some popular choices include the Jolly Crispy Fries, which are crispy and seasoned to perfection, and the Peach Mango Pie, a sweet and fruity treat that is perfect for ending a meal on a high note.

Overall, Jollibee’s menu is diverse and offers a combination of Filipino and international flavors. Whether you’re craving fried chicken, burgers, noodles, or desserts, Jollibee has something to satisfy your taste buds.

Review #2 : Great Ambiance and Customer Experiences!

When it comes to ambiance and customer experience, Jollibee excels in creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for its customers. The restaurant is known for its clean and well-maintained interiors, which adds to the overall dining experience.

The staff at Jollibee are courteous and kind, providing excellent customer service. The friendly atmosphere at Jollibee makes it a great place to dine with family and friends. The restaurant is designed to accommodate both small and large groups, with comfortable seating arrangements. The vibrant and lively ambiance adds to the enjoyment of the dining experience.

Jollibee understands the importance of customer satisfaction and strives to provide a positive experience for every customer. The staff is trained to be attentive and responsive to customer needs, ensuring that orders are taken accurately and promptly. The efficient service at Jollibee contributes to a smooth and hassle-free dining experience.

Moreover, Jollibee takes pride in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. The restaurant follows strict cleanliness protocols, ensuring that the dining area and restrooms are always spotless. This attention to cleanliness further enhances the overall customer experience at Jollibee.

Jollibee offers a pleasant ambiance and excellent customer experience. From the friendly staff to the clean and inviting environment, every aspect of the dining experience is carefully curated to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether you’re dining in or taking out, Jollibee provides a memorable experience for all its customers.

Review #3 : Yummy Yumburgers and Burger Steak!

Jollibee is known for its delicious burgers, and their flagship burger, the Yumburger, is a must-try for any fast food lover. The Yumburger features a spongy burger patty on a slightly sweet bun, topped with a mild burger sauce that adds moisture and flavor. The patty itself is heavily seasoned, giving it a unique and savory taste compared to other fast food chains like McDonald’s or Wendy’s.

One of the standout features of the Yumburger is its affordability. Priced at as low as RM9.24, it offers great value for money. The burger is filling and satisfying, making it a popular choice among customers. The slightly sweet bun complements the savory patty, creating a perfect balance of flavors.

While some may find the Yumburger to be on the sweeter side, it is still enjoyable for those who prefer a hint of sweetness in their burgers. The burger sauce adds a tangy and creamy element to the overall taste, enhancing the flavor profile of the burger.

Another popular burger option at Jollibee is the Burger Steak. This unique offering combines the flavors of a burger patty and a steak. The patty is smothered in a savory mushroom gravy, adding richness and depth to the dish. The Burger Steak is a hearty and satisfying choice for those craving a meaty and flavorful meal.

Overall, Jollibee’s burgers are a hit among customers. The combination of well-seasoned patties, flavorful sauces, and affordable prices make them a go-to choice for fast food enthusiasts. Whether you prefer the classic Yumburger or the indulgent Burger Steak, Jollibee offers a burger experience that is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Review #4 : Jollibee Chickenjoy and Spaghetti is a Must Try!

Jollibee’s Chickenjoy has made quite the splash in Malaysia, reinforcing the brand’s reputation for serving up flavorful and crispy fried chicken. The seasoning on the chicken is mild but incredibly flavorful, and the chicken itself is juicy and tender.

Every bite of Chickenjoy offers a delightful crunch, followed by the tender and juicy meat inside, which is seasoned to perfection. The unique blend of spices gives it a distinct taste, setting it apart from many other fried chicken offerings in the market. It is no wonder that Jollibee’s fried chicken is a favorite among many customers.

Furthermore, what truly enhances the Chickenjoy experience in Malaysia is its adaptability to local palates. While retaining its original Filipino essence, there’s a hint of localized flavor that resonates with Malaysian food enthusiasts. Served with a side of gravy, it complements the chicken’s richness, making each meal a memorable one. It’s clear that Jollibee has not only brought its iconic dish to Malaysia but has also seamlessly integrated it into the country’s diverse culinary tapestry.

Another popular item on the menu is the Jolly Spaghetti. Unlike traditional spaghetti, Jollibee’s version is sweet and savory, with a unique blend of flavors. The pasta is cooked perfectly, and the sauce is rich and delicious.

Overall, the food at Jollibee is delicious and satisfying. The flavors are unique and the quality is consistent. Whether you’re craving fried chicken, spaghetti, or a burger, Jollibee has something to satisfy your taste buds.

Review #5 : Bad Jollibee Reviews on Google

Jollibee has received mixed reviews on Google. While some customers rave about the delicious food and friendly service, others have expressed disappointment with the quality and taste of the dishes. One reviewer mentioned that the chicken joy, one of Jollibee’s signature dishes, was crispy and not too salty. They also praised the flavorful gravy that came with it.

Another customer enjoyed the moist and delicious fried chicken, especially when paired with a side of rice. However, there were also negative reviews from customers who found the food to be underwhelming. Some complained about the seasoning being too mild and lacking flavor. Others mentioned that the chicken was not as juicy as they expected.

Aside from the food, some customers also commented on the long wait times and crowded dining areas at certain Jollibee locations. They felt that the fast food chain could improve its efficiency and customer service.


Jollibee is undoubtedly one of the best fast-growing food chains in Putrajaya, Malaysia. With its rich history, diverse menu, and exceptional customer experience, it has managed to capture the hearts and taste buds of Malaysians.

From this article, it can be seen that Jollibee’s reviews reflect a mix of positive and negative experiences. While some customers enjoy the tasty food and friendly service, others have been disappointed with the quality and wait times.

It’s important to note that individual experiences may vary, hence it’s always best to try it for yourself to form your own opinion. So, the next time you’re in Malaysia and craving some fast food, make sure to visit Jollibee to experience the taste of it yourself!.

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