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The Ultimate Guide to Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya : 5 Best Locations to Discover | March 28, 2024

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  • During peak hours, visitors may have trouble to find parking nearby the bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya

Operating Days

  • The festival is scheduled from March 12, 2024, to April 9, 2024, embracing nearly a month of celebration, community, and exploration of Malaysia’s rich culinary landscape .

About Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya?

Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya is an annual event held during the holy month of Ramadan in Putrajaya, Malaysia. It is a popular destination in Putrajaya for locals and tourists alike, offering a wide variety of food, drinks, and other Ramadan-related items. It is a vibrant and bustling market where Muslims gather to break their fast and enjoy a wide variety of traditional Malay delicacies. This event is organized by the Putrajaya Corporation and attracts thousands of visitors from all over the country.

In this ultimate guide, we will explore the lists of bazar Ramadhan locations in Putrajaya, why you should visit, the best time to visit, what to expect when you get there and the must-try food at Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya.

List of Bazar Ramadhan Locations In Putrajaya

In 2024, Putrajaya will host an array of Bazar Ramadhan locations, offering visitors a chance to experience the vibrant culture and delicious culinary traditions of Malaysia during the holy month. These bazaars will be set up in several precincts across Putrajaya, ensuring easy access for everyone looking to partake in the festivities. The confirmed locations for Bazar Ramadhan in Putrajaya 2024 are:

  1. Bazar Ramadan, Kiblat Walk, Laman Iftar, Presint 3
  2. Bazar Ramadan Presint 9
  3. Bazar Ramadan Presint 11
  4. Bazar Ramadan Presint 14
  5. Bazar Ramadan Presint 16
List of bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya 2024. Photo credited to : Perbadanan Putrajaya official website
List of bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya 2024. Photo credited to : Perbadanan Putrajaya official website

In addition to the food stalls, the bazaar also features various vendors selling clothing, accessories, home decor, and other Ramadan-related items. It is a great place to shop for traditional Malay attire, decorative items for the home, and souvenirs to commemorate the Ramadan season.

Why Visit Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya?

The Putrajaya Ramadan bazaar is one of the biggest and most popular in the country, attracting thousands of visitors each year. Indulge in a wide variety of delicious traditional Malay and international cuisines. Discover unique and rare Ramadan delicacies that are only available during this time of the year. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere filled with music, cultural performances, and traditional decorations. Shop for traditional clothing, accessories, and handicrafts at the numerous stalls.

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Experience the spirit of togetherness and community as people from all walks of life come together to break their fast. Create lasting memories with your family and friends as you explore the bazaar and try different foods. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Malaysia and learn more about the traditions and customs of Ramadan. Support local businesses and vendors who rely on the bazaar for their livelihood.

The Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya is during the early evening hours, around 4pm to 6.30pm. During this time, the bazaar is less crowded, allowing you to explore the stalls and sample the delicious food without having to navigate through large crowds. If you arrive too late, around 7pm, you may find that some vendors have already started packing up and leaving.

To make the most of your visit, it is recommended to plan your trip to Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya during the peak hours, when all the stalls are open and bustling with activity. However, if you prefer a more relaxed and less crowded experience, visiting earlier in the evening is the best option.

What to Expect at Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya

Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya is a must-visit for food enthusiasts and those looking to experience the local culture and traditions. With over 250 stalls participating, visitors can expect a wide variety of dishes and drinks to choose from. There are up to 700 different types of local Malaysian cuisines available, ranging from traditional Malay dishes to Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern delicacies.

The bazaar offers a unique opportunity to indulge in the flavors of Malaysia, with stalls serving popular dishes such as nasi lemak, satay, roti canai, murtabak, and various types of kuih (traditional Malay desserts). Aside from the delicious food, visitors can also explore stalls selling traditional handicrafts, clothing, accessories, and home decor items. It’s a great place to shop for unique souvenirs or gifts for loved ones.

The atmosphere at Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya is lively and festive, with music playing in the background and the aroma of food filling the air. It’s a wonderful place to immerse yourself in the Ramadan spirit and experience the sense of community as people come together to break their fast. However, it’s important to note that as the event progresses towards the end of Ramadan, the number of stalls may reduce. Hygiene can also become an issue, with some stalls not maintaining proper cleanliness. It is advisable to visit earlier in the month to fully enjoy the variety and freshness of the food.

Must-Try Food at Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya

One of the must-try foods at Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya is the King of Lamb Shank by Chef Ammar in Bazar Ramadhan Presint 3, Putrajaya. This mouthwatering dish features tender and succulent lamb shank slow-cooked to perfection. The rich flavors and melt-in-your-mouth texture make it a favorite among visitors. If you’re a seafood lover, don’t miss the Grilled Seafood by Hery Kerang Bakar. This stall offers a delectable selection of grilled seafood, including prawns, squid, and fish. The smoky and charred flavors combined with the freshness of the seafood create a truly delightful experience.

For those craving a taste of Korean cuisine, head over to the Halal Korean Food stall. They serve authentic Korean dishes that are halal-certified, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the flavors of Korea. Another must-try food at Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya is the Charcoal Oven Top Kuih Akok. This traditional Malay dessert is cooked in a charcoal oven, giving it a unique smoky flavor. The soft and slightly chewy texture, combined with the sweetness of the kuih, makes it a delightful treat.

In conclusion, Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya is a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and those looking to experience the vibrant atmosphere of Ramadan in Malaysia. With its wide variety of delicious food, lively ambiance, and cultural activities, the bazaar offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors. So mark your calendars and get ready to embark on a gastronomic adventure at Bazar Ramadhan Putrajaya!

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