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Let’s Explore Gaharu Tea Valley! An Underrated Hidden Gem in Gopeng, Perak | February 7, 2024

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Sunday: 09.15 am – 06.00 pm (Tuesday – Only retail store open)

Ticket Price

  • Adults (above 12 years old)  : RM 10
  • Kids (4 years old and above)  : RM 5
  • Infants (Below 4 years old)  : Free of Charge
  • O.K.U.  : Free of Charge

Telephone No.

  • 05-351 1999

Parking Tips

  • Free parking and ample parking space available here


  • HOGA, Gaharu Tea Valley Gopeng, Jalan Sungai Itek, 31600 Gopeng, Perak

What is Gaharu Tea Valley?

Gaharu Tea Valley is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of Malaysia. It is a paradise for tea lovers, offering a unique and immersive experience in the world of tea. Located in the lush greenery of the Gopeng rainforest, Gaharu Tea Valley is a picturesque tea plantation that spans over 300 acres. The plantation is known for its high-quality Gaharu tea, also known as agarwood tea, which is derived from the Aquilaria tree. This rare and precious tea has a rich history and is highly sought after for its unique flavor and health benefits.

Visiting Gaharu Tea Valley is like stepping into a different world. As you enter the plantation, you will be greeted by the sight of endless rows of tea plants, gently swaying in the breeze. The serene atmosphere and breathtaking views make it the perfect place to relax and unwind.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the beauty of Gaharu Tea Valley, the tea plantation tour, the tea tasting experience, the café and food options, as well as the ticket information. So, grab a cup of tea and join us on this journey through Gaharu Tea Valley, a tea lover’s paradise and definitely one of the best things to do in Perak you don’t wanna miss.

The Beauty of Gaharu Tea Valley

Gaharu Tea Valley prides itself as being the first organic sustainable Gaharu plantation in Malaysia. With over 200,000 Agarwood trees, the plantation offers a breathtaking sight of lush greenery and natural beauty. The Gaharu trees, also known as agarwood, are highly valued for their fragrant and dark resinous heartwood.

As you explore the plantation, you will be surrounded by the sweet aroma of the agarwood trees, creating a serene and peaceful atmosphere. The landscape of Gaharu Tea Valley is truly mesmerizing. The plantation is nestled amidst rolling hills and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The sight of the neatly lined rows of Gaharu trees stretching as far as the eye can see is a sight to behold.

The beauty of Gaharu Tea Valley is not limited to its trees. The plantation is also home to various other attractions such as the Great Wall of Gopeng, HOGA Hilltop View & Cafe, Hugging Park, Lovers Park & Waterfall, HOGA Time Tunnel, HOGA Agarwood Gallery, and HOGA Shop. These attractions add to the overall charm and allure of the place, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers and tea enthusiasts alike.

The Great Wall of Gopeng is one of the attractions in Gaharu Tea Valley. Source :
The Great Wall of Gopeng. Source :

Highlights #1: Tea Plantation Tour

One of the highlights of visiting Gaharu Tea Valley is the tea plantation tour. This tour allows visitors to explore the vast plantation and learn about the process of growing and harvesting tea leaves. During the tour, knowledgeable guides provide interesting insights into the cultivation of Gaharu trees and the production of tea. They explain how the leaves of these trees are carefully harvested and processed to create the unique and aromatic Gaharu tea. Visitors have the opportunity to walk through the plantation and witness the mesmerizing sight of rows upon rows of Gaharu trees. The lush greenery and serene atmosphere create a peaceful and rejuvenating experience.

The tour also includes a visit to the tea processing facilities, where visitors can observe the various stages of tea production which starts from the withering and rolling of the leaves to the drying and packaging processes. These enables guests to gain a deeper understanding of the tea-making process.

Additionally, visitors can learn about the sustainable practices employed at Gaharu Tea Valley. The plantation prides itself on being organic and sustainable, ensuring that the tea production is environmentally friendly and of the highest quality.

Overall, the tea plantation tour at Gaharu Tea Valley offers a unique and educational experience for tea enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. It allows visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty of the plantation, learn about the tea-making process, and appreciate the importance of sustainable agriculture.

Highlights #2:Tea Tasting Experience

Anther highlights of visiting Gaharu Tea Valley is the tea tasting experience. As you explore the beautiful tea plantation, you will have the opportunity to sample a variety of teas made from the leaves of the Agarwood trees. The tea tasting sessions are conducted by knowledgeable staff who will guide you through the process of brewing and tasting the different teas. They will explain the unique characteristics of each tea and provide insights into the health benefits and medicinal qualities of Agarwood tea.

During the tea tasting, you will be able to savor the distinct flavors and aromas of the teas which ranging from light and floral to rich and earthy. The teas are brewed to perfection, allowing you to fully appreciate the complexity and depth of flavors.

In addition to the traditional Agarwood tea, you may also have the opportunity to taste other tea blends infused with herbs and spices. These blends offer a delightful twist to the classic Agarwood tea and provide a unique and refreshing experience.

The tea tasting experience at Gaharu Tea Valley is not only enjoyable but also educational. You will gain a deeper understanding of the art of tea brewing and the nuances of different tea varieties. It is a chance to expand your knowledge and appreciation for tea. After the tea tasting session, you can purchase your favorite teas from the on-site shop to take it to home for yourself or as gifts to your family and friends.

Café and Food

Gaharu Tea Valley offers a delightful café experience for visitors to enjoy. The café, known as HOGA Deli, serves a variety of meals and snacks made from Gaharu, providing a unique and flavorful dining experience. It’s the perfect place to relax and indulge in a unique culinary experience.

One of the chef’s recommendations for meals is the Gaharu Platter, which offers a combination of Gaharu-infused dishes. This platter allows visitors to sample different flavors and textures, showcasing the versatility of Gaharu as an ingredient.

For those looking for a savory snack, the Keropok Lekor with Gaharu Sauce & Cheese is a must-try. This dish combines the traditional Malaysian snack of Keropok Lekor with a Gaharu-infused sauce and melted cheese, creating a delicious and indulgent treat.

In addition to the savory options, HOGA Deli also offers sweet treats for visitors to enjoy. One of the highlights is the Gaharu Soft Ice Cream, which provides a refreshing and creamy dessert infused with the unique flavors of Gaharu.

Ticket Information

Gaharu Tea Valley offers free entrance for children under three (3) years old, making it a family-friendly destination. For adults and children above three years old, there is a nominal fee to enter the tea plantation. The entrance fee for adults is RM10 per person, while children above three years old are charged RM5 per person. The fee allows visitors to explore the tea plantation and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Gaharu Tea Valley.

Tickets can be purchased on-site at the entrance gate. The ticket counter is open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. It is recommended to arrive early to avoid long queues, especially during peak tourist seasons.

If you prefer to purchase tickets in advance, you can also buy them online. E-tickets are available for last-minute purchases during working hours. Simply visit the official website of Gaharu Tea Valley and follow the instructions to purchase your tickets.

It is important to note that the ticket price does not include additional activities such as the tea plantation tour or tea tasting experience. These activities may have separate charges, and it is advisable to check the official website or inquire at the ticket counter for more information.

In conclusion, Gaharu Tea Valley is truly a tea lover’s paradise as it offers a unique and immersive tea experience that is sure to delight tea enthusiasts. With its breathtaking beauty, informative tea plantation tour, delightful tea tasting experience, and cozy café with delicious food, it offers a complete package for tea enthusiasts. Hence, don’t forget to bring your families and friends to Gaharu Tea Valley when visiting Perak!

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