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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Things to Do in Sabah, Malaysia

lacamisa.my | November 4, 2023

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the best things to do in Sabah, Malaysia! Sabah is one of the most popular destinations in Malaysia. Located on the beautiful island of Borneo, Sabah offers an exciting mix of natural wonders, cultural treasures, unique food experiences, and adventure-packed activities. In this article, we’ll dive into the heart of Sabah’s food scene, discover the richness of its cultural heritage, wander into its breathtaking natural sites, and experience the thrills of adventure activities.

Food: An Exciting Journey!

Sabah’s food scene is a gastronomic journey that tickles the taste buds! Begin your culinary adventure at the bustling Kota Kinabalu Night Market, a paradise for street food lovers. Here, you’ll find an array of seafood, grilled meats, and local desserts. Experience dining at the Kampung Nelayan Floating Seafood Market! Indulge in the joy of handpicking the freshest seafood and watch as it is being cooked right on the spot.

Meanwhile, the Tamu Kota Belud, a weekly open-air market, introduces you to a fantastic series of authentic flavors. Visitors can buy souvenirs such as traditional handicrafts, food, and other goods here. Notable restaurants such as Restoran Salim in Sandakan and Restoran Sri Tanjung in Tawau serve delicious local seafood and fusion dishes that will surely leave you impressed!

Fresh seafoods

History: A Vibrant Tapestry of Tradition

Sabah is a lively fusion of cultures, filled with joy and excitement! The Mari Mari Cultural Village and the Borneo Cultural Village provide is a cultural destinations that provide insight into the indigenous tribes’ traditional lifestyles. Engage in interactive activities like fire-making, blowpipe hunting, and traditional dances. Come to the Sabah State Museum and Heritage Village and get ready to explore the amazing history, natural wonders, diverse cultures, ancient artifacts, and beautiful art of Sabah!

Join the amazing Kudat Longhouse Tour and explore the vibrant culture and lifestyle of the Rungus people! Come and experience the Monsopiad Cultural Village! Named after a legendary warrior, this exciting destination will let you explore the Kadazan-Dusun’s customs. And don’t miss out on the stunning Kota Kinabalu City Mosque, reflecting Islamic architecture and design.

Traditional Costume of Dusun Ethnic from Sabah Borneo

Nature: A Blissful Haven for Nature Lovers!

Sabah’s natural landscapes are truly a sight to behold. Come to Kinabalu Park, Malaysia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site! Be awestruck by the breathtaking Mount Kinabalu and the world’s largest flower, the Rafflesia. The nearby Poring Hot Springs is just a stone’s throw away, offering blissful thermal baths that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized!

The Klias Wetlands is home to unique wildlife species. Other than that, animal lovers must absolutely visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. Meanwhile, Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park offers snorkeling and diving opportunities. The Gomantong Caves, famed for their bird’s nests, add joy to Sabah’s incredible biodiversity.

Rafflesia, the worlds largest flower in Sabah

Adventure: Bring back Your Sense of Exploration

Sabah is a dream come true for adventure lovers! The Kinabatangan River offers unforgettable river safaris where you can encounter diverse wildlife. Sipadan Island is a must-visit destination for diving enthusiasts. It is a world-renowned diving destination home to diverse marine life, including sea turtles, reef sharks, and barracudas.

Bohey Dulang Island invites you for a challenging hike with a rewarding view at the top. The Mount Trus Madi expedition, though demanding, rewards climbers with awe-inspiring views. Finally, Tawau Hills Park is perfect for those seeking outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and bird-watching.

Sea Turtles

Sabah, with its incredible food, enchanting culture, breathtaking nature, and exhilarating adventures, is a true gem just waiting to be explored! So pack your bags, set your spirit free, and prepare to embark on an amazing journey in Sabah, Malaysia!

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