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Melaka, also known as Malacca, is a captivating city on the west coast of Malaysia that offers a wide range of family-friendly activities. With its rich heritage, multicultural influences, and charming ambience, Melaka is one of the ideal destinations in Malaysia for families seeking to immerse themselves in the unique tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is renowned for its well-preserved colonial architecture, ancient landmarks, and a vibrant blend of Chinese, Malay, and European cultures. Join us on a journey through the 14 best family-friendly things to do in Melaka as we uncover the essence of this fascinating city.

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Explore Jonker Street

At the heart of Melaka lies Jonker Street, a vibrant and bustling street that showcases the city’s rich history and cultural diversity. As you stroll along this enchanting street, you and your family will be greeted by colourful shophouses that have been transformed into various establishments, including antique shops, art galleries, souvenir stores, and eateries. Jonker Street truly comes alive during the Jonker Walk Night Market, held on weekends, where you can experience the bustling atmosphere, sample local street food, and find unique trinkets and souvenirs that will delight the whole family.

Jonker Walk Melaka

 Visit the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum

To delve into Melaka’s royal history and traditions, a visit to the Melaka Sultanate Palace Museum is a must for families. This meticulously crafted replica of the original palace offers a glimpse into the glorious past of the Melaka Sultanate. Explore the museum’s exhibits, which include royal regalia, weaponry, costumes, and historical documents. Children can gain insights into the significance of the Melaka Sultanate in shaping the city’s identity as they immerse themselves in the opulence of the bygone era.

Experience the Stadthuys

Standing as an iconic landmark of Dutch colonial architecture, the Stadthuys is a testament to Melaka’s colonial past and offers an educational experience for families. Originally built as the administrative centre during the Dutch era, this imposing red building now houses the History and Ethnography Museum. Step inside and embark on a journey through time as you explore the museum’s comprehensive collection of artefacts, photographs, and exhibits, which provide a captivating overview of Melaka’s history, multicultural heritage, and significant events that have shaped the city.

Climb St. Paul’s Hill

Perched atop St. Paul’s Hill, families can discover a historical site offering panoramic Melaka views. The ascent up the hill leads you to remnants of St. Paul’s Church, originally constructed by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Though the church now stands in ruins, it has a captivating charm reflecting Melaka’s colonial past. As you explore the area, you and your children will also come across old tombstones, each telling a story that intertwines with the city’s multicultural history.

Take a River Cruise

Embark on a leisurely river cruise along the Melaka River and let the city’s historic district unfold before your family’s eyes. As you glide through the heart of Melaka, you’ll pass by beautifully painted murals adorning the riverside buildings, traditional Malay houses, and colonial architecture. The cruise allows your family to appreciate the architectural beauty of Melaka from a different perspective, and you’ll also find vibrant cafes and restaurants lining the riverbanks, offering a delightful ambience to indulge in local delicacies. Children will enjoy the boat ride and the city from a unique vantage point.

Visit the Baba-Nyonya Heritage Museum

Step into the world of the Peranakan community by visiting the Baba-Nyonya Heritage Museum, which offers an educational and interactive experience for families. Housed in a well-preserved heritage building, this museum provides a captivating glimpse into the unique culture and traditions of the Peranakan Chinese. Children can immerse themselves in the opulent lifestyle of the Peranakan community as they admire the exquisite furniture, intricately embroidered costumes, valuable heirlooms, and artefacts that reflect their heritage. The museum provides a fascinating insight into the Peranakan way of life, allowing families to learn and appreciate different cultural perspectives.

Explore Family Fun at A’Famosa Resort

In addition to the rich tapestry of attractions that Melaka offers, A’Famosa Resort stands out as a premier destination for families. Located just outside the city, this comprehensive resort encapsulates the spirit of Melaka with a variety of themed attractions, including the adventurous Safari Wonderland, the exhilarating Water World Theme Park, a beautifully designed golf course, and the peaceful Condotel for restful nights. Each component of A’Famosa Resort is designed to provide a fun, engaging, and relaxing experience for all ages, making it a perfect complement to your family trip to Melaka. Whether you’re looking for thrill rides, animal encounters, or a leisurely round of golf, A’Famosa Resort offers something special to enhance your visit to this historical city.

Elephants show in A'Famosa Safari Wonderland
Elephants show
The entrance to A'Famosa Safari Wonderland
The entrance to A’Famosa Safari Wonderland
Flamingos in A'Famosa Safari Wonderland
Miniature horses in A'Famosa Safari Wonderland
Miniature horses
Porcupines show in A'Famosa Safari Wonderland
Porcupines show
Snakes show in A'Famosa Safari Wonderland
Snakes show
Tiger in A'Famosa Safari Wonderland
Safari Truck Adventure in A'Famosa Safari Wonderland
Safari Truck Adventure

Discover the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple

Journey into the heart of Melaka’s Chinatown and discover the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, one of the oldest Chinese temples in Malaysia. This revered religious site is a place of worship and a symbol of cultural preservation. Families can marvel at the temple’s intricate woodwork, ornate decorations, and beautiful architecture. Take a moment to soak in the peaceful ambience as you and your children observe traditional rituals and ceremonies performed by devotees, offering a unique glimpse into Chinese cultural practices.

Explore the Maritime Museum

Set foot inside the Maritime Museum and voyage through Melaka’s maritime history. Housed within a replica of a Portuguese ship called the Flor de la Mar, the museum offers families an engaging and educational experience. Discover Melaka’s strategic role as a thriving trading port during the era of maritime exploration. Children can engage with exhibits depicting maritime adventures, navigational instruments, trade routes, and the cultural exchange that took place. The Maritime Museum is a fascinating testament to Melaka’s seafaring heritage and will spark the curiosity of young minds.

Enjoy a Melaka River Walk

As evening falls, take a leisurely stroll along the Melaka River Walk and immerse your family in the enchanting ambience of the city at night. Adorned with decorative lights, the riverside promenade offers stunning views of the river, colourful murals, and charming cafes and shops. Capture memorable photographs and revel in the scenic beauty of Melaka at night as the city lights dance upon the gentle ripples of the river. Children will delight in the magical atmosphere and the opportunity to experience the city’s nightlife in a family-friendly setting.

Visit the Melaka Straits Mosque

Located on the shores of the Strait of Malacca, the Melaka Straits Mosque is a modern architectural marvel that demands a visit from families. Its partially submerged structure appears floating on the water, creating a captivating sight. The mosque’s serene and picturesque setting is mesmerizing during sunset, as the golden hues reflect upon the water, offering a breathtaking view that families can enjoy together. Take a moment to soak in the tranquillity and appreciate the harmonious blend of modernity and natural beauty.

Melaka Straits Mosque

Try Nyonya Cuisine

No visit to Melaka is complete without indulging in Nyonya cuisine, a delectable fusion of Chinese and Malay flavours that the whole family can savour. Nyonya dishes are known for their aromatic herbs and spices, rich curries, tangy sambals, and unique ingredients. Treat your taste buds to Nyonya laksa, a spicy coconut-based noodle soup; ayam pongteh, a savoury chicken stew cooked with fermented soybean paste; and cendol, a refreshing dessert made with coconut milk, palm sugar, and green jelly noodles. Explore the local eateries and let your family tantalize their taste buds with the tantalizing flavours that define Nyonya cuisine. 

Visit the Melaka Botanical Garden

Escape the bustling city and find serenity at the Melaka Botanical Garden, a family-friendly space that offers a tranquil oasis amidst nature. This lush green garden features beautifully manicured landscapes, vibrant gardens, walking trails, and recreational facilities. Families can take a leisurely stroll amidst the flora, find a picturesque spot for a picnic, or engage in activities like cycling and jogging while immersing themselves in the beauty of nature. Melaka Botanical Garden is the perfect place to unwind, reconnect with the natural world, and create lasting memories with your family.

Melaka Botanical Garden

Explore the Melaka Zoo

For animal lovers and families, visiting the Melaka Zoo is an exciting adventure that offers opportunities to observe and learn about various animal species. The zoo houses multiple mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians worldwide. Children can encounter magnificent creatures like tigers, elephants, giraffes, orangutans, and various exotic bird species. The Melaka Zoo also offers educational programs, captivating animal shows, and opportunities for visitors to interact with some animals, creating a memorable experience for the whole family. 


In conclusion, Melaka is a city that seamlessly weaves together history, culture, and natural beauty, offering visitors a captivating and family-friendly experience. Hence, a visit to Melaka is a must. Check out our suggested Melaka 3-Days Travel Itinerary to help you plan you trip and get the most when travelling to Melaka!

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